20 Best Adult Dress Up Games for Android and iOS 2022

Nothing pleasure than making your imagination comes true. That’s the reason why the adult dress up games are loved by many people, especially women. It is fun and exciting to create ideas for fashion. On the other hand, you are also reflecting yourself through the character.

20 Best Adult Dress Up Games for Android and iOS 2022
20 Best Adult Dress Up Games for Android and iOS 2022

20 Best Free Popular Adult Dress Up Games For Android And iOS 2022

We know that many fashion games recently. But some of them are out dated and you’ll feel old fashioned, not even act like the trendsetter. So, we have wrapped here the best recommendation for dress up games for adults to play, whether in Android or iOS. Be ready to feel like a real fashion stylish!

1. Dress Up Games Stylist – Fashion Diva Style

Dress Up Games Stylist - Fashion Diva Style

Working with a diva is a dream for every fashion stylish. This game brings you to a glamorous world with the newest fashion trend and dazzling spots. You don’t only see models with gorgeous outfits, but also sparkle jewelry, impressive makeup, until getting challenges to level up your skill in fashion.

Feel the extraordinary experience by playing in multiplayer mode. You can have a one on one competition. Make a perfect look and impress others, so you will win on the beauty competition. It is an exciting and breathtaking game.

2. Dress Up Games Free

Dress Up Games Free

Sometimes playing a dress-up game for girls who love fashion is not only about creating new ideas. Here, you are doing a makeover too. You have to set the models for six different occasions, such as prom night, beauty pageant event, talent contest, movie star award, and etc. The different moment has a different wardrobe. So, this game tests your sense to create a right and fabulous look.

3. Girl Squad Fashion – BFF Fashionista Dress Up

Girl Squad Fashion - BFF Fashionista Dress Up

It is fun to share your idea with friends through social media. You can do this through this game. After you select one of the five models here and make the style, don’t forget to press the “camera” button. Then, when you post it, people will see how amazing you are to create an actress, a movie star, or a red carpet socialite.

4. College Girls Team Makeover

College Girls Team Makeover

This is one of the best free dressing up makeover games for adults in 2021. Enjoy to dress up the five high school best friends. You will be their personal fashion adviser because they have to be shining every day. You need to make sure this squad in an appropriate outfit, hairstyle, makeup, and accessories.

5. Trendy Fashion Styles Dress Up

It’s a fun game for fashion dress up in Android and iOS. There are two dolls and both need your help to try the new fashion items. When you open the wardrobe, there will be a lot of dresses, blouses, skirts, and many other outfits. From all those things inside, you can create four styles: boyish, girly, punk, and kawaii.

6. Princess Dress Up and Makeover Games

Princess dress up and makeover games

Feel to be the real salon owner in this fashion games for adults. Your customers are princesses who need luxurious care, like facial, makeup, hairstyle, until fitting the outfit. There are 80+ beautiful royal dresses here with its various accessories. Whatever you choose for them, your princess must be charming and ready to shine.

Surprisingly, you can update the jewelry and other items whenever you want. This is one of the adult dress up games that can be played offline. No worries even though you have no WiFi connection around!

7. Sophie Fashionista – Dress Up Game

Sophie Fashionista - Dress Up Game

If you love fashion and challenge at the same time, then you have to play Sophie Fashionista. This is more than a dress up game because you have to make the right outfit to move to the next level. Explore your skill in every theme, like attending a concert, shopping, photoshoot, and many more. Don’t be worry, Sophie already had everything you need.

Even though you have to answer each challenge, this one is playable offline. You can still discover items, like jewelry, makeup, and dresses without the internet connection. So, if you are in free time, just enter Sophie’s world and express your fashion taste!

8. High School Couple: Girl Boy Makeover

High School Couple

Not many adult dress up games has male characters. But, in this game, you can dress up the girl and the boy too. Even though they are still high school students, you are free to make over them as smart people, geeky look, prom night occasion, or even as their future career.

Show your creations to your friends by sharing the picture through social media. If you are the newcomer to the fashion world, this game might suit you. Besides the features are basic, the tasks are simple and hundred apparel articles will help you.

9. Super Stylist – Dress Up Style Fashion Guru

This is one of the adult dress up games you have to play in 2020. Unlike the other fashion dress up game, it has a storyline. So, it is fun to follow the directions. Starts from you build a fashion business, attract the client, dress them well until join to every VIP event. The more you look stylish, the more client will ask for your advice.

Another goal is making your client look stands out. Ensure that your client is the only stylish person until their friends get envy. It goes better when your client recommends you, that means your business is about going wider.

10. Millionaire Wedding – Lucky Bride Dress Up

Millionaire Wedding - Lucky Bride Dress Up

For those who are dreaming to spend money in malls and boutiques, they will love this game. As a personal fashion stylist, you are free to dress up the six young women here. You will face their special day which is the wedding day. Don’t be panic because you can buy things with their groom’s platinum credit card.

After you dress up the ladies, you can pick one of eight grooms, like a movie actor, a Wall Street smart, a geeky IT, or even an athlete. If you think they are already being a perfect match, then your next job is setting the wedding ceremony. Nothing the adult dress up games like this sweet one.

11. Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion - Dress Up Game

One of the most played adult dress up games is Covet Fashion. The player will accept a different challenge each day, so you can upgrade your skill here. Besides, it is good to level up your fashion sense, you can test whether your ideas are good or not. Because the other player can rate your style, and you can do the same thing too.

Or, if you want collaboration, you can ask your friend’s suggestion in dressing up the model. But don’t forget to connect your Facebook account here and your friend has the connection too. So, both of you can see the same project to finish.

12. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Who doesn’t know the famous Kadarshian family? Take an adventure in playing a role as a celebrity and a businesswoman at the same time. This adult fashion game not only teaching you to be a great fashion stylish, but also you learn to behave in building a relationship with other stars, loyal fans, and communities.

Before you play this game, you need to sign in with your social media account. So, you can help others to get famous like you too. Also, you are free to make chat and share experiences. We think that not many adult dress up games as awesome as this one.

13. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Lady Popular Fashion Arena

It is not an ordinary fashion stylish dress up game. Knowing that all women deserve something best, so you need to pick the right fashion items for every occasion, like going to a salon, outdoor photoshoot, red carpet, and many more. In this game, everything is free, thus, you can go with any idea. Click on the camera icon once you finish picking the model outfit and makeup.

14. Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy

We think only several adult dress up games which are interactive. This game creates a virtual life, so you will meet new people here. Besides creating your character, you are also designing the apartment, choosing unique items, until taking care a pet. Find a perfect guy and make a relationship. You are free to create your dream life in Fashion Fantasy.

15. Trendy Stylist

Trendy Stylist - Fashion Game

Be the best model on the catwalk! That’s all you have to do in this fashion designer game. Each show has a special theme, so you have to ensure yourself in the right style. It will be more fun because there are weekly updates. It means more new items, makeups, accessories, skin tones, hairstyles, and many others.

All you need to do are choosing the unique model, joining in the modeling business, participating in a photoshoot, and don’t forget to get relax in the spa. Have fun in connecting with hundreds of models and use the links to up your career ladder in the fashion world.

16. Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion

Superstar Family - Celebrity Fashion

It is a unique dress-up game in 2020 because you are responsible for the whole family member. You have to think about the right outfit for each people. There are hundreds of clothes, accessories, makeups, and other items. Change every detail of each character based on the moment. You will have various experiences in styling for a picnic, studio, relaxing in the mansion, street walking, and many more.

17. Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

Fashion Empire - Dressup Boutique Sim

Some fashion dress up games for adults focuses on how you dress up the model. But, here, you can concern the part you love. For example, you want to make the eyes stand out, or, you love when people realize with your hairstyle. Show your special talent through the character because this game provides many skin tones, hair models, shapes, and items options.

You can choose whether the character is a model, a singer, or anything. Once you make a relationship with her virtual boyfriend, you can get married and have a happy life ever after.

18. Fashion Superstar Dress Up

Fashion Superstar Dress Up

This game is a complete creativity game. Your job is not only picking the right outfit and makeup. You are able to make your own clothes. Design every fashion item based on your taste, like putting a logo, mixing the color, and anything you want.

When you finish, you can take the picture with various backgrounds and style. This game is nice to save your idea or inspiration. One more thing that is interesting, you can complete the quests, then you will get new items or money.

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19. Fashion Fever 2 – Top Model Dress Up Game

Fashion Fever 2 – Top Model Dress Up Game

Do you want to create a person you are dreaming of? Fashion Fever game can make it real for you. It is not just one of the popular dress up games for people who love fashion. It is a perfect game to reflect the real inside yourself. Change the details whenever you want, even you want to add tattoos or piercing in any body parts.

Save your creation, then make it as your phone background. Or, you can also share it on social media, so your friends will realize your fashion taste is. It is an opportunity to get feedback from your circle to give you more insight or evaluate the chosen items.

20. World of Fashion – Dress Up

World of Fashion Dress Up

Almost all fashion designer games for adults  are using branded items, but not all of them are giving you the latest information about the brands. Here, you can get a lot of updates in the fashion world. Not only the brands but also everything you should know to level up your skill.

Also, this game teaches you to earn money and manage it, so you can increase the level of your character. If you enjoy playing games alone, then this game is perfect to accompany your time. But, at the same time, this game is also fun to compete with other players.


Seeing all the best adult dress up games above realizes you that many options you can choose. Pick one that suits your taste, even from the look, character, until items. Or, probably, you have another goal, like learning a fashion world or want to connect with friends in a fun way. Whatever your reason is, the fashion designer games is always the best one to play for Android and iOS.

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