8 Best Android TV Launcher Apps: (Best Options 2022)

Nowadays, the number of households using Android TV is increasing, but all of them do not know about Android TV launcher apps. The Android TV app launcher is organized as a kind of Android TV launcher or launcher software.

You can start all the activities through this Android TV launcher app. Also, launcher apps help you to optimize the content menu easily and follow it in one way.

If you are looking for the best Android TV Launcher apps, then this article will help you with this. Some of the best Android TV Launcher app names are mentioned below.

List of Best Android TV Launcher Apps of 2022

We’ve given you an overview of each Android TV launcher app, so take a closer look to find out why these apps are on my favorite list:

1. Ugoos TV Launcher:

Ugoos TV Launcher

Ugoos is known as the best app launcher for Android TV. The user interface compares this TV launcher app a bit with others because the left side of the launcher has wheel scrolling features that allow you to navigate through broad categories such as apps, games, and the internet.

Ugoos TV is equipped with 9 themes that you can use perfectly. And all themes have customizable backgrounds, cons, and customizable remotes. Basically, this app brings a refreshing new look to your Android TV.

2. TvHome Launcher

TvHome Launcher

People who use Samsung or LG TVs then this is the perfect fit for them. This Launcher has a nice design that looks simple and straightforward.

All apps are displayed in a single horizontal row at the bottom of the screen and it remains a modest approach.

The background image is neutral if you want you can customize it according to yourself. You can use the left and right corner buttons to check the app with your TV remote.

TvHome Launcher is also great for basic draining of your system resources. If you have a low price and underpowered Android TV box, then this launcher app is worth it for you.

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3. HA Launcher

HALauncher - Android TV

HA Launcher can open all kinds of applications. Sometimes on TV boxes and handheld consoles, some apps that open in the background are not showing, then HA Launcher handles such kinds of issues which makes it amazing.

Also, you have the option to change the wallpaper and customize the colors, font, and size. HA Launcher has the benefit of this launcher that it supports sideloading apps on your screen.

It means that you will not need to use a workaround to access downloaded apps on your Android TV. Like many other Launchers HA home apps, it also allows you to add your own background image.

4. Simple TV Launcher

Simple TV Launcher

Simple TV Launcher is a free and simple launcher for Android TV Boxes. There are six app slots in this TV app launcher.

In the given slots, you can choose the apps that apparently are and if you want to check your list of all apps, you need to click on the top corner icon bar.

When you see in the right corner, you will find the icon that allows you to go directly to the menu settings of your Android TV.

The simple TV launcher app is designed with both 720p and 1080p screens and is quite stable allowing you to animate the wallpapers.

5. ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher

ATV Launcher is best for those users who are looking for a launcher that has endless customization options on Android TV. It is an amazing android tv launcher app. It’s simple, intuitive, and highly customizable for your Android box.

And it also allows you to add your favorite widgets on your home screen, be it the time or weather widgets, and you will find that everything is available here.

I also love to have their wallpapers and this launcher also has an option for users. You must know that you will get all the things in this TV app launcher which is already made by the Android TV launcher.

6. UNICA TV Launcher:

UNICA TV Launcher

UNICA TV Launcher is another perfect and clean Android TV launcher that has customization option features that allow the user to customize their home screen in various ways.

UNICA TV is a launcher with built-in simple search features. The search function features make the user find your applications in real-time. You will find that all the apps are organized and presented separately in four different column bars.

However, this feature also offers quick access to the custom category. And you will find that it also offers a shortcut to making changes to all available categories.

7. Mega TV Launcher

Mega TV Launcher

Mega Tv app is a unique TV launcher for Android Box users. You can customize the app bar, including your favorite app, and you can launch all your favorite apps from the main home screen.

This app launcher is stable and does not experience any success. It has one central window where all the navigation apps and related things happen and that sometimes complicates the user experience.

8. Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher

The sideload launcher is quite similar to the HA Launcher TV app in that it loads all the background apps that are not listed and are not supported by Android TV.

Sideload Launcher works by placing a simple app on your screen. In this app, you will find some shortcuts to all the apps on your device.

If we compare sideload launcher with HA launcher, then it is more stable in use and there might be some chance that some of those apps may not work due to compatibility issues.


So, you can see the name of the best Android TV launcher apps that you can try and see. In this article, I have mentioned the best Android TV launcher app in case you are not satisfied with these launchers, you can also try to install Google TV on Android TV which gives you a new brand with smart recommendations.

I am sure you will love it after using it. Now you need to select the best TV launcher that will be a good experience for you. I hope that with the help of this article you can easily select one of the best Android TV Launcher apps.

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