9 Best Candy Shop Games for Android

The following selection of games is suitable for children and their parents. If your child likes sweets, games would be to his liking! You will have a lot of fun with your child, or at least, you can interest him for a while to play independently.

Make your favorite lollipops, a variety of sweets, cook and decorate cakes and pastries, even create your own recipes! In the selection, there are the most colorful and perfectly animated candy games for children.

1. Little Panda’s Candy Shop:

Little Panda’s Candy Shop – together with Kiki panda create unusual candies of different shapes, sell them in your candy shop and get coins.

If you dream of becoming an expert chef in the art of pastry, download the application. Together With the little panda Kiki you have opened a small sweet shop. You will not only sell products but also prepare them yourself.

You have a conveyor belt in your factory, which consists entirely of different machines that make the dough, mix the ingredients and bake the final product. Each product is placed in a self-made box and tied with a bow. Then you and the panda put everything on display, at which point customers come to the counter.

The customer will immediately unwrap the bag and eat it. And in thanks, you’ll get a big handful of coins and a sea of ​​applause. Collect coins and discover new ingredients to please your customers even more.

The best cooking game app for kids:

  • Your child can gain a basic understanding of the candy-making process;
  • A wide variety of flavors and 48 colors are available;
  • A great set of molds to help children realize their fantasies to the fullest;
  • The different kitchen tools make the learning process varied and exciting.

2. Cotton candy shop:

cotton candy shop It’s open! Create sweets to your liking and serve your customers!

Your child is invited to plunge into the wonderful world of sweets and other sweets, but not as a sweet tooth, but as a manager. your son will learn how to create cotton candy, gain a basic understanding of the making process, and feel like a candy store manager who makes his own sweets and sells them himself.

The child will choose their own delicious ingredients and decorations, and use a special machine to make colorful cotton candy.

The tent will also need to be cleaned regularly. And it is possible to choose the right clothes for the manager. These stylish and bright outfits will suit everyone’s taste.

The game will help your child not only learn about the world and expand his horizons, but also develop his imagination, creative thinking and fine motor skills.

3. Strawberry Shortcake Pastry:

strawberry candy shop is an application for the whole family, in which adults and children will have a bakery at their disposal. The players will have a lot of customers and, as a consequence, a lot of orders for the most diverse types of delicacies.

In addition to finding the right proportions of ingredients to create a delicious masterpiece, the game has its own recipe book. It will also be possible to try to cook your favorite dish in reality.

However, your child can’t learn something specific here: ice creams, milkshakes, jams, and candies are all created using roughly the same method. Mix up a bunch of ingredients and then add some decorations on top for beauty. You can instill in your child a love of cooking. Don’t expect more than that.

It all comes down to touching the right ingredients. Sometimes you have to be aware of the thermometer and press the button when our brownie is neither too cold nor too hot. But that is the ultimate “difficulty”. On the other hand, the game is extremely enjoyable. There are many pink, pastel colors, the image is pleasing to the eye.

4. The Smurfs’ Bakery:

In The Smurfs’ Bakery game, we have to make delicious sweet desserts. You don’t have to know the original to see how well the creators have worked on the gameplay.

The game is incredibly casual. We don’t even need to memorize recipes: just choose what appears on the screen and follow the instructions of the Smurf girl. Unreal to get lost.

However, it is a complete game: it has a glitch status. If you stir the chocolate too vigorously, it may spill out of the pot. Then you will have to start stirring everything again. Or, for example, it’s easy to overdo it and “set” the temperature too low when cooling ice cream. Then the dessert won’t come out either.

The game is clearly designed for children from four to twelve years old. Our tasks – for draw the eyes of the smurfs, slide the fruit to cut it into a salad, move the pitcher to fill the form with fresh juice. You don’t have to be an experienced gamer to do it all in two seconds. But the recipes at The Smurfs Bakery really work.

Maybe your son will learn something here. A game like this is clearly more appealing to parents than search and shoot games. It is true that there are very few recipes here by default. If you want more, you will have to pay real money.

5. My Cake Shop – Cake Shop & Sweet Shop Game:

my bakery – an Android game, where you will manage the store. You will easily learn how to make a variety of sweets.

Take control of the store for the making cakes and various sweets and serving customers. Funny customers will come to your store. And your task will be to take their orders while doing everything as fast as possible without making them wait.

Cook different treats from the many ingredients and treat customers. Discover new recipes and be rewarded with great ingredients, new equipment and furniture.

6. Sweet Candy Shop! food manufacturer:

Idle Sweet Bakery Empire is a fascinating clicker. The user will become the owner of a bakery.

At first, the place will be empty. Measures must be taken for the production of different treats to be successful. They will be produced in industrial volumes. To try build a whole production line Y develop your sweet empire.

In your candy factory you can develop individual stages of production and change them in many ways.

It is necessary to hire craftsmen and professionals, buy the necessary equipment, improve buildings, select markets, etc. It is necessary to automate the process. When the business is finished, it is necessary to move on to the other.

Only constant development will help to compete in the market with dignity, remaining in the leading positions.

7. Bakery – Bake Boutique:

Open your own store sell a variety of sweets and delicious cakes. You will not only have to sell but also make your own cakes.

Have fun with this exciting game and feed all the customers. If you like them, be sure to check them out here again.

Feed your customers and serve them all as quickly as possible. The player can learn a lot of the most amazing recipesand all of them will help you improve your own store and thus attract even more customers.

Constantly improve your store to make it even more profitable.

Set up a wide variety of cakesusing a lot of ingredients. You will have a large number of customers coming to you every day and they all come to your store just to buy new cakes. You will need to learn not only how to make cakes, but also manage your own shop and constantly improve it.

Do not be afraid to mix ingredients and combine different flavors, which is possible to get a delicious cake. All cakes will be made step by step, and you should not skip any steps. Serve a large number of customers and get paid for your treats.

Keep the store completely clean and use a lot of decorations.

8. Bakery Story™:

history of the bakery is an Android game that allows you to develop your own sweet shop and make it the most popular establishment in the world.

We started with a small establishment. There are only three tables with chairs, a stove and a kettle for drinks. A friendly saleswoman takes the orders and we try to please visitors by offering them beautiful and delicious sweets.

The first items available will be cheap tea and cheap cookies. As time goes by, more money will become available and new recipes will become available: cakes, pastries, sweets and buns.

Soon there will be more visitors and it will be necessary to buy new tables and chairs for them. Someone will want to come with a friend or the whole family, so the simplest individual tables will not suffice. At this point, it’s time for design decisions because if you put a lot of random furniture, it will look ugly.

Taking care to paint the walls and floors, buy paintings and furniture in the right color, acquire shelves for quality products and neat coffee machines with an oven comes first.

Running a candy store is simple. You don’t even need to give instructions to the chef, just click on the kitchen utensils, which in turn bakes cakes or boils water in the kettle.

Bakery Story is a beautiful strategy that helps you feel like not only a great baker, but also a good room designer.

9. Bakery Story 2:

There is always room for dessert! pamper yourself and build the bakery of your dreams! An exciting new culinary adventure awaits!

  • Bake delicious desserts, from classic brownies and sugar cookies to fruit baskets and gourmet cakes!
  • Take fresh ingredients, from juicy strawberries to rich chocolates!
  • Serve your delicious creations to visitors with a sweet tooth!
  • Furnish your cafe with ease! Choose your furniture and decorations to create the coffee shop of your dreams!
  • Open new recipes for your bakery! Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?
  • Complete your to-go orders for those who want to treat themselves to delicious treats at home!
  • Build your bakery step by step: new ovens, coffee machines, counters and more! Offer a variety of food and drinks to your customers!
  • Look for the amazing 3D virtual world around your bakery!
  • Meet the colorful people in your bakery! Everyone has a story for you in exchange for a delicious treat!
  • Learn the basics of customer service in this casual business simulator!
  • Share special gifts with your friends!

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