12 Best Free Hairstyle Apps To get Attractive Look in 2022

If you are looking for different hairstyles or haircuts, you can definitely try out hairstyling apps to make your decision easier.

We can easily check which hairstyle will fit your face, for this you just need a smartphone, and then you need to install any application of your choice and try to give yourself an attractive look.

Here is the list of the top 12 hair-changing hairstyles apps to get a better and more attractive look this year.

Top 12 Free Apps to Try Hairstyles and Get a Hot Look in 2022

12 Best Free Hairstyle Apps To get Attractive Look in 2022
12 Best Free Hairstyle Apps To get Attractive Look in 2022

1. Hairstyle Makeover

Change hairstyle

This app is the easiest to use hair styling app on the store. Five sample styles for each type, you can unlock hundreds of quality hairstyles, mustaches and beards that were professionally edited from genuine images. The application is hairstyles for men and women.

Style sorted by feminine, masculine, medium length, mustaches and beards. and also included a lot of outrageous. This is a universal app, you can install it on all iOS devices.

The app provides you with many features like resizing, location adjustment, all-style rotation, sharing to Twitter, Email, Facebook, and more.

2. Cute Girls Hairstyles

cute girl hairstyle

This is another amazing hair styling app for iOS and Android users. In this app, you can easily get French braids, waterfall braids, fishtail braids or others with a bit of an edge. It has an amazing interface and very simple to use virtual hairstyle app.

You can also get the latest video tutorials and tips from this girls haircuts app. The app allows you to tweet, comment, share features. It is free for all users and also has a paid version plan. If you buy a paid version, this app offers you special features.

3. Magic Hairstyle

magic hairstyle

This app is also free and popular, allowing you to experiment with your hair. You can change the hairstyle with many different colors and styles.

It has a very simple and clean user interface. It is very simple to use on your iOS and Android device. Many different colors are listed in this app to apply to your stylish hair and you can also create a custom color for your hair.

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4. Virtual Makeover

virtual makeover

A virtual makeover is another good app for hair and makeup application. This application offers you different cosmetic and makeup products to experiment on your face. It offers hairstyles, realistic cosmetics and accessories to try on. You can take a photo directly from the camera and you can also use your photo from your gallery.

Virtual makeover gives you many makeup products like foundation, lipstick, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow and more. And an amazing feature gives you more than seventy different celebrity hairstyles to wear.

5. Barber Shop

Barber Shop

This is a crazy app to change your hairstyle. He has amazing expressions with 6 cool live characters. the app has some amazing tools like grab the scissors and comb and make your hairstyle. An amazing feature is that you can share your edited character with your friends and family through social networks.

6. Celebrity Hair Style SPA Salon

celebrity hairstyle

Celebrity hair stylist is an amazing hairstyle app where you can get the list of celebrity and superstar hairstyles. You can easily search for the top hairstyle of your favorite celebrity. You can use new colors, shapes and set the latest fashion trends.

She has three different characters to change her image like Alison, Becky and Kylie. She has provided you with millions of colors to change her hairstyle and color and the app is very easy to use for everyone.

7. Hair Color Studio

Coloring study

You have to take pictures, draw the outline of your hair, adjust the mask and then select the hair colors you prefer. Once your hair makeover is complete, you can share your result with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, or you can even save it to your gallery.

Some special features are more than 20 preset hair colors (different shades of blonde, brown, red), hair color intensity control, custom hair colors, virtual mirror, variety of decoration products (sunglasses, hairpin, hair band, etc), fifteen more filters, magic touch, more than 10 magazine covers, before and after comparison function and one of the special features is the option to share with family and friends. Install it from Playstore.

8. Hair Color Booth™

coloring booth

Hair color booth is very simple to digitally dye your hair the color you want, from punk hairstyle to brown or blonde. Select from as many colors as can be adjusted to create any combination imaginable.

Some special features are a wide range of colors with slider tab picker, zoom controls for precision, super realistic hair coloring, you can add unlimited highlights, sharing features and more.

9. Change Hairstyle

change hairstyle

Change hairstyle is a different and popular hairstyle app, it lists many makeup and cosmetic products. You can easily use these products and change your hairstyle. All these cosmetic products are free for all users.

Very simple to use you just need to take a photo from your selfie camera and use it in the hairstyle changer app. There are many different hairstyles available to use in your image and get a new hairstyle. free.

10. Hairstyles and Haircuts for your face

The hairstyles and haircuts app has a catalog with more than 1000 types of haircut styles.

One of the amazing features is to provide you with video tutorials to understand how to use this app better.

You can select your cool looking haircut according to your face structure and save the style to favorites, then visit the salon and show the picture to your master and enjoy the new look. The catalog contains many tutorials: braids, beams, waterfalls and more.

11. Fabulous Look

fabulous look

Fabby look is another popular free hairstyle app for iOS and Android users, which allows you to change your hairstyle easily. It has listed about 10 trendy hairstyles like platinum, purple, pink, magenta, blue and more. you can use any of them very easily as per your wish.

One of the amazing features allows you to try to live the change of hair. easy to change hair color in real time and get the best suitable hair color. The app allows you to save and edit images and also offers the feature of sharing with your friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

12. Crazy Hair Salon-Girl Makeover

crazy hairdresser

This app is a fun hairdresser app for iOS and Android users that offers you to easily change hairstyles on smartphones. It allows you different variations like curl, color, cut and straighten and others change your hairstyle.

Crazy hair salon is a popular hair styling app where you can use different hair color variations, hairstyle as curly as you want. The app also allows you to adjust the length of your hair by cutting it with professional scissors.


I hope you have enjoyed this post. I tried to find some of the best hair styling apps and listed them here. You can choose any of the above apps and give yourself a new look.

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