10 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps For Android And iPhone 2022

Are you worried that someone will spy on you when you are not aware? If so, you should definitely check out some of the best hidden camera detector apps of 2022. These apps can help you detect if there is a camera or microphone installed anywhere you are visiting. This way, you will be able to stay safe and secure from anyone who might be spying on you without your knowledge.

10 Best Hidden Camera Detector Apps For Android And iPhone 2022

Hidden camera apps are often used in places where people have privacy, such as hotels, locker rooms, bathrooms, and other places. These applications can be used for personal or commercial purposes. The best way to detect all these hidden cameras is by downloading the best hidden camera detection app. This app will help you to detect all these cameras in different places. These cameras are often used to spy on people and record their activities. So if you want to protect yourself from this type of spying, you should install the best spy app.

Hidden Camera Detection Apps for Android and iPhone

By the way, hidden camera is designed for security purposes, but some people are using these cameras wrongly, they blackmail you by making your clip or posting your video on social media sites. While there are legitimate uses for these devices, such as monitoring activity in a business or home, there are also sinister ways to use them. Some people use hidden cameras to secretly record others without their consent, which can be used as blackmail material.

1: Hidden camera detector

This is the best hidden camera detection app for Android and iPhone 2022. This app has more than 1 million downloads on play store and its size is only 3.1 MB which is quite light. With the help of this wireless camera detection app, you can detect a spy camera in a private place in two ways.

In the first way, you can detect the hidden camera with the help of your phone’s magnetic sensor. The magnetic sensor present in your phone analyzes the magnetic activity around the device. If the magnetic activity looks similar to that of the camera, this app beeps loudly. So that you know something here and then you can check it there.

spy camera detector app for android

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about the magnetic fields around you. But if your device starts beeping and displaying alarm messages, it could be due to a high level of magnetic activity. This app analyzes magnetic activity around your device and will alert you if it’s something you need to worry about.

If your phone does not have a magnetic sensor, you can find the hidden camera in another way in this app. In other ways, you can detect a spy camera using an infrared camera. This infrared camera easily detect pinhole camera in your hotel rooms, locker rooms, etc.

2: Hidden Device Detector, CCTV Finder

android hidden camera detector app

This is another one of the best hidden camera detection apps for Android. This application allows you to find all the CCTV and hidden cameras around you. In this app there are two options to find hidden devices. The first is the radiation detector and the second is the infrared detector.

If you have a phone that doesn’t have a magnetic sensor, like an iPhone or Android, you can still use an infrared detector to detect any spy devices around you. Infrared detectors are efficient and give the desired result, so they are a good option if you want to maintain your privacy. You can easily find a hidden camera using them. It works efficiently and gives the desired result. This app detect hidden camera working very accurately. So download this app now.

3: Sparkle Finder

Glint Finder is a free spy camera app for Android. You can also detect any hidden camera near you with this app. Shows all the shiny objects in front of your phone screen using retro reflections from the phone flash. With which the hidden camera will shine with its retro reflection and you will detect it easily. You can find anything shiny from this app like contact lenses. Using this app is quite easy and its interface is also very good.

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The Glint Finder app uses the same principle as the tools used by professionals to help search and find the lens flare emitted by hidden spy camera optics. This app has been designed to help people who are concerned about their privacy and want to keep an eye on those around them. The app is easy to use and can be accessed from any device.

4: Spy Hidden Camera Detector

spy hidden camera detector

This app is another excellent spy camera search app for iPhone. With this app you can detect any spy camera from manual and automatic mode. This app works fine on your iPhone. So you have no problem using the spy camera.

If you use this app in auto mode then you need to keep the light in your room dim so you can use the auto mode of this app very well. This app detects magnetic field in electronic devices with the help of EMF scanner including hidden spy cameras.

5: hidden camera detector

spy camera search app

This is another secret spy camera app for iPhone. In this app you can scan the room with the lens detector on your iPhone and you can find the hidden camera in any room. Apart from detecting the hidden camera, you can do many things with this app, such as covert devices, GPS trackers, and listening devices on WiFi, local area network, and Bluetooth on any network you connect to.

To find a hidden camera that uses your iPhone’s camera and flash. This is all in one IP device scanner. Download it now.

6: DontSpy 2 – detector

free iphone camera detector app

If you need an electronic device detector, DontSpy app will be the best for you. With this bug detection app you can find any electronic device like speaker, microphone, cell phone, spy bug, hidden camera etc.

Now you may be wondering how this app can find all the electronic devices. So let me tell you that it detects the magnetic field of all electronic devices with the help of sensors.

And it provides you with the reading on the phone screen. He also finds the hidden camera with the help of the magnetic field. After installing this hidden camera locator app on your phone, you can turn your phone into a magnetic field detector.

7: Bug Hidden Device Detector

application to detect recording devices

This is the best bug detection app for Android phones. This app has more than 5 lakh downloads on play store. If you want your privacy to be secret, you must use this app. If someone puts a microphone or spy camera in your private place without asking you, then this app detects them easily.

The app is extremely easy to use and the interface is also very good. This app also find hidden camera in your room using magnetic field. Using this app will give your privacy and security a huge boost.

8: golden hidden camera detector

app to detect listening devices

This is another one of the best hidden camera detection apps. To use this app, you need to purchase from the Play Store. You can buy this app on Play Store for 120 rupees. If you want to detect hidden camera with the help of app on your phone. Therefore, it is important to have a magnetic sensor on your phone; otherwise this function will not work.

To use this app, you need to keep it close to the object in doubt, such as the shower, the flowerpot, the part that looks at the lens, or the mirror in the locker room. This application analyzes the magnetic activity around the device. If the magnetic activity is like the magnetic field of the camera, it makes a loud alarm.

9: Hidden Infrared Camera Detector

best bug detection app

If you want privacy, this app will be right for you. If you are in a room and feel that your privacy is being compromised. So this app detects the hidden camera present in your room. This hidden camera detector detects hidden cameras because they emit infrared radiation.

You cannot see infrared light with the naked eye. To use this app you need to open the hidden IR camera and with the help of your specialized camera filter you can find the hidden camera. This application filter allows you to detect cameras by displaying infrared as bright white light. You can also detect a spy camera by measuring the magnetic field.

10 : Hidden Camera Detector – CCTV Finder

eavesdropping device detector app for android

This is the latest hidden camera detector app for Android phones in this list. This app easily detect hidden camera and microphone which is a good solution for your privacy. Detect hidden devices easily.

This camera detector is the best anti spy bug app that can also be used as an electronic bug detector. Find all the spy bugs and cameras around you. You can find the hidden camera easily with the help of the magnetic field. So you must download this app and try it once.


So friends, we have provided you with the complete list of the best hidden camera detection apps in 2022. You can protect your privacy by downloading any of these apps. If you ever stay in a hotel then you will risk your privacy but with the help of all these spy camera apps, you can scan the hotel room and check the hidden camera. Hope you enjoy this post then tell us to comment and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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