Top 15 Best Karaoke Apps (for Karaoke Lovers)

Who doesn’t like to go out at night with friends, have a few cold drinks and sing their hearts out in a karaoke bar? Those are hard to come by these days, but there’s no reason for karaoke lovers to despair.

Thanks to the combined technological advance of mobile apps And the widespread love for all things karaoke, there are plenty of apps to choose from to sing along to your favorite tunes in the comfort of your own home.

There are few things better than inviting a company of close friends and singing your heart out to your favorite karaoke songs, no one caring how bad they sound in the company of like-minded shower singing superstars.

To simplify the options for those who can’t wait to start their next karaoke party, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 choices for karaoke apps that you can download for the Android or iOS platform today.

So put your headphones Turn on, turn up the volume to 11, clear your throat and let’s sing along to our favorite songs with these fantastically convenient karaoke apps.

15 Best Karaoke Apps:

Top 15 Best Karaoke Apps (for Karaoke Lovers)

1. Sing! karaoke

Sing!  karaoke

Download: Sing! karaoke for Android | iOS (Free)

Developed by renowned music app developer Smule, Sing! It’s a fun app with a wide range of hit song selections. The app allows you to perform songs solo, in a duet with a friend, or even with a group of people. You can even record videos of your singing feats.

Don’t have friends who love karaoke, but love it anyway? Rest assured, you are not alone. There are karaoke lovers all over the world who are happy to join your singing by connecting with you.

If it’s better not to listen to your natural song, don’t worry, because Sing! It features many music effects to help you sound much better than any commercial sound.

The app is free to download and use, but if you want to open the doors to its huge library of songs, you may need to go for the premium version with a membership at the lost cost of $10 annually.

2. The karaoke of the voice

The karaoke of the voice

Download: The Karaoke Voice for Android | iOS (Free)

The voice? Like… the show? You got it! The companion app lets you pretend you’re a voice contestant by singing along to some of your favorite songs.

The app allows you to search for your favorite artist and sing their hits with this simple yet entertaining karaoke app.

The best part is that the song list of available songs grows daily. You can even record yourself on video or audio singing your favorite songs and then share them on social media to show off your skills (or…attempts) with friends and family.

3. Sing Play

SingPlay Karaoke

Download: SingPlay for Android (Free)

SingPlay is one of the newest additions to the world of mobile karaoke. It has been modernized with many contemporary features like sharing your recorded versions of songs with friends and a stacked library with a vast collection of songs to choose from and sing along to.

If you can’t find your favorite song in the vast collection, in-app purchases will allow you to convert those music files on your Android devices (the only platform this app currently exists for) into a karaoke version.

It does this by removing the vocal track and allowing you to contribute your own voice. You can control music volume, your voice or reverb, and music delay to get the last thing you want.

Proud of your singing? Save it for posterity or share it with friends with the in-app recording feature too.

4. Pop Song 2

Pop song

Download: SongPop 2 for Android | iOS (Free)

SongPop 2 takes the fun of karaoke and gives it a gaming aspect. You can easily play a guessing game with friends or hold musical contests, competently with people from all over the world.

You can listen to clips from today’s top artists, and if you beat the others on a riddle, you win the game. If you’re a music trivia whiz, challenge your friends to a contest to see who knows music best.

You can even enter practice mode, where you’re guided by the app’s mascot Melody, and check out an extensive music playlist to hone your music quiz skills.

5. Yokee Karaoke

Yokee's Karaoke

Download: Yokee karaoke for Android | iOS (Free)

Karaoke by Yokee is another option in the realm of karaoke apps that allows you to sing and record videos of yourself performing your favorite songs.

You can easily search through a huge list of tracks spanning multiple genres and decades, then record your voice over the music to put your own spin on the track.

Do you want to get very modern? Apply lots of fun sound effects to really alter and liven up the original melody in a style that’s unabashedly your own.

6. Sing Karaoke by Starmaker

Sing Starmaker Karaoke

Download: Sing Starmaker Karaoke to Android | iOS (Free)

Sing Karaoke by Starmaker is one of the best karaoke apps out there today thanks to its huge tracklist and easy search mechanism that helps you find the right song for you.

Record your vocal performance, save it, and share it with family, friends, or even strangers. You can make it sound pretty good with lots of options for vocal settings. The app is free to use, so what’s stopping you from singing with it?

7. Sing


Download: sing for Android | iOS (Free)

You can easily find a song you want to sing with a list of over 80,000 high-quality songs with karaoke lyrics to choose from. No need to buy expensive karaoke equipment or sneak into a karaoke bar.

Now the singing platform you’ve been looking for is in the palm of your hand and it’s free to use. Do you love to sing a particular song? Add it to your playlist and sing it over and over again.

Do you need a tone or volume adjustment? Easily make changes to go from being a good karaoke vocalist to a great one.

8. Karaoke for babies

baby karaoke

Download: baby karaoke for Android | iOS (Free)

Has your son seen you sing karaoke and fell in love with him too? Do they just go around the house singing songs? Well, now there is an app designed specifically for kids who love karaoke.

Baby Karaoke offers a wide variety of songs that all children know and love to listen to. The screen features fun images and easy-to-read lyrics that young singers can keep reading. You can even record your child singing and play it back to show you how great it sounds.

9. Karaoke My Voice

Karaoke My Voice

Download: Karaoke MyVoice for iOS (Free)

Available only for iOS, MyVoice is a fun app for karaoke lovers, but also a must-have for any amateur or professional singer due to its ease of use and extensive features.

To use, simply find your favorite song, lower the vocals with the app, tap the lyrics button, and start singing. You can even customize your playback background with an image of your choice.

If you want you can save the audio of yourself singing directly in your favorite cloud storage service. You can record an unlimited number of recordings and share them with your loved ones on social networks.

10. Magic Karaoke

magic karaoke

Download: magical karaoke for Android | iOS (Free)

To say that Magicsing Karaoke is packed with song options would be a gross understatement. The app features over 200,000 song options from different countries in a litany of languages.

The song selection is easy and the app has an easy and intuitive user interface so you can go from cueing to singing in no time.

11. Karaoke singing machine

singing machine karaoke

Download: Karaoke singing machine for Android | iOS (Free)

This app produced by Stringray Group is another fun selection of karaoke apps that will give you plenty of music options, along with the ability to record, edit, and playback the tracks you sang in different audio qualities.

If you want to use it for a more musically collaborative project, the app will let you do that too, as oftentimes working with other artists helps elevate the talents and skills of everyone involved.

12. Vocal Eliminator

vocal remover

Download: voice remover for Android | iOS (Free)

Staying true to its namesake, this simple app will let you find a song you want to sing along to, remove its vocal tracks, and simply leave the musical one for you to layer with your own brand of performance.

The music collection is respectable and searching for your favorite track to sing along to is simple. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your first take, there are a variety of Voice Adjust effects that can improve various aspects of your sound.

13. Kara Fun


Download: Kara Fun for Android | iOS (Free)

KaraFun app helps you find the perfect combination of karaoke and party. Working for both iOS and Android platforms, the app is loaded with more than 25,000 ready-to-sing karaoke songs.

As with most other apps, it maintains the common feature of letting you record yourself singing right on your smartphone.

14. We sing

WeSing Karaoke App

Download: we sing for Android | iOS (Free)

Select from a large selection of karaoke-ready songs and sing along to your favorites with WeSing. Available for iOS and Android platforms, each performance can be recorded.

The app integrates with Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, making it easy to quickly share your singing prowess with friends and strangers alike.

If you only like a part of the song, the “section” function can allow you to sing just that part. Whether you want to work with another artist or sing karaoke with a friend, the ‘duet’ feature can let you tag the song from any number of music categories you like.

The more you do karaoke, the more the app learns your music preferences and starts recommending other options you may not have thought of.

15. Voloco

Voloco Karaoke App

Download: Voloco for Android | iOS (Free)

Voloco stands out a bit from other karaoke apps in that they take a slightly different approach to the karaoke formula. It is actually a real-time speech processing tool.

It analyzes your performance, and then you can apply the necessary effects to make it sound exquisite by using tuning effects, mixer and equalizer settings, as well as a variety of vocal effects.

You can add any of those effects on your own in the post if you want. Performances can be shared in audio or video format via social media or various texting apps.

If you have another app that you use to mix your karaoke songs, you can simply export your Voloco save files and get started.

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Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, these karaoke apps will let you live your passion for singing the way you want.

Now it’s your turn, which application are you going to try? Will you perform alone or with your friends? Anyway, let us know in the comments section below.

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