Modern Strike Online Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Gold/Ammo)

Everyone loves action games because of the fighting and adventure in them. Modern strike online mod apk is also a well known action game these days just like greena free fire and PuBG. The main reason for its popularity is that it is so fluid and less heavy than these giant games. People want to play this game more instead of pubg and free fire.

Modern strike online mod apk (unlimited money and gold) is a limited production of Azur interactive games, a trendy name in creating the best action games. Due to its famous game, they worked a lot on this game for the players, and it is true that now it is famous all over the world due to its top-class qualities and features.

History of Modern Strike Mod Apk

It was published in 2016 by its original publishers. In the beginning, it wasn’t famous because that time wasn’t game time like now these days. But as time went by, people moved towards fighting games like this, and at that time, pubg and free-fire were not available, people started playing this game. Due to its addiction, more than 50 million people play this game today all over the world.

All average devices can play this game smoothly while on the other hand high games cannot be played on the average device. Even if you have 2GB RAM on your mobile, you don’t need to worry because you can easily play this game on your android phone without any lag.

The interface and control system is much easier than other hot games. A wide variety of maps and weapons attract players who want to play fighting games. Your main duty will be to kill the terrorist. Two situations can happen: you can kill them or kill them as more, since you will be the professional player in Modern Strike Online Gold Hack, your chances of winning will also increase.

Principal functions

The main and exciting features of this game are given below which makes it so different and top-class from other action games. All these features are in a short and specific detail that will help you learn and use this feature ideally. So let’s go down with us!

5 different combat modes:

Around five different top-class combat shooting modes are present in this game. Therefore, there is a 0% chance of getting tired of this game because you can play any mode at any time. These modes contain classic, PvP, TDM, firefighter, and others that will perfectly surprise you from all aspects.

Start a trip with friends:

As an online game, modern strike online hack gold offers you to play this game with your friends and family. If someone from your friend’s list likes this game and plays it every day, you can invite him to your lobby and both of you can perfectly fight against terrorists. In this way, you can call your friend in every challenging situation, and your friend calls you when many enemies surround him.

14 different maps:

Four beautiful maps are included in this game, just like other top-tier action games. But the good news for mobile strike cracked apk players is that no action game in the world has this many maps. There are few games with a maximum number of 10 maps while this game offers 14 different class maps. Each map will represent a different occasion and climate. You can also select one of them according to real-life weather. It will increase your power.

Daily Rewards:

Daily rewards are given to game players in the form of gold. Because gold is the main and premium currency of this app. An interesting fact about the daily reward is that if you can’t play this game for a week, you don’t have to worry about the rewards because this reward will be given to you after a week. Each reward will not disappear until you remove your ID from this game. It will be automatically collected in your lobby, or when you play this game again, it will be awarded to you.

Latest Weapons:

When we download a fighting game, we always imagine the weapons of this game before downloading it. So if you are also thinking of modern strike online mod apk weapons all unlocked then this game will not bother you. There are many new latest weapons here like pistols, machine guns, fire grenades, smoke grenades, and many more which are very easy to use.

Unlimited Ammo:

This app is a modified app of this game created by the modern strike online hack tool. With this app, you will get unlimited ammo on all your weapons when fighting against your enemies. In the original version, reloading is required after a specified number of ammo shots. But when your enemy is facing reload and you have nothing to reload, you can quickly kill him in no time.

Unlimited Gold:

Gold is also another important thing in modern strike online update apk. Gold is the premium currency with which you can unlock the new and modified skins of your weapons and vehicles. You can also make your character more fashionable and beautiful with high class dresses and emotes with unlimited gold.


Today we are giving you modern strike Unlimited ammo online, fully modified and free of charge. Everything in it is free and unlimited. At the same time, the original version of this game requires real money to enjoy its top-class feature. So according to us, it is a fantastic game in all other fighting games given to you for free without any payment. At the same time, all other action games like this are paid and require a lot of money which is not suitable for all players.

Important FAQs:

How to get gold in modern strike online?

Unlimited gold is already present in this game. So to enjoy unlimited gold you need to install this game and then enjoy.

Is it a multiplayer game?

Yes, it is a multiplayer game.

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