Rosetta Stone MOD APK v8.18.0 (Premium) for Android

Are you a language lover and always trying to learn new languages? Then this article is just for you because today I will tell you about the Rosetta Stone mod apk which is one of the best applications that helps you learn international languages easily.

Start learning new languages intuitively through immersion, track your progress, and perfect your pronunciation to sound good for your meetings, conferences, and seminars.

Introduction about Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a kind of educational app that assists you in learning different international languages through your smartphones. This is one of the most trusted services which have helped thousands of people to learn new languages. However, this company has been around since the 90s as before launching their app, they were selling CD-based learning, which people were supposed to use on the computers or on the CD players to learn different languages.

But after the evolution of smartphones, they have released their official Rosetta Stone app and put all their learning courses in it, due to which it has gained lots of appreciation and become an award-winning language learning app. This application is an excellent source of knowledge as it has a diverse source of learning content in many international languages, which will ease your language learning difficulties. It will provide you with short but effective sessions to command any language you want to speak.

Rosetta Stone PRO Apk
Rosetta Stone PRO Apk

Along with that, there are many stunning features and proven methods available in the app to boost your learning. It will give you a sequence of images and words to derive the meaning of that word or phrase without any translations. Along with that, it has an accurate accent speech engine, which will help you improve your pronunciation from the very first lesson to speak whatever you want with confidence.

Easy to setup

Rosetta Stone doesn’t require a lengthy process to set up the app as you need to follow only a few steps to begin the app. once you have downloaded the app, launch the app and press create an account and then choose the language you want to learn through the application. After creating the account successfully, you need to select the plan, including basic, traveling, or beginner.

10 min bite-sized lessons

After you have completed the app setup, you can learn your chosen language within 2 months as the app will give you 10 minutes lessons five days a week for six weeks. So you don’t need to open the app continuously for a day as you only have to dedicate your 10 minutes per day to learn the language you want. In these 10 minutes sessions, you will get the in-depth learning process of the language you wish to learn.

Get access to 24 languages

In Rosetta Stone, you will have the opportunity to learn not only one, two, or three languages, but you can learn up to 24 different international languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, German, and many more. So if you are a businessman or a traveling agent, then this app will help you a lot to learn international languages. And most importantly, you have an option to learn only essential words from each language. So there is no need to learn the entire language.

Rosetta Stone Premium Apk
Rosetta Stone Premium Apk

Speak with confidence

Along with teaching you a new language, the app also makes sure that you sound well. So to make you speak with confidence, it has a perfect pronunciation feature that helps teach you to step by step to start fine-tuning.

This feature will activate your device’s microphone to record your voice so that you can listen to your pronunciation. So if you pronounce it correctly, it will give you a checkmark, and if you don’t say it correctly, it will give you an x mark and ask you to do it again unless you pronounce it correctly.

Mod APK Version of Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Mod Apk is a modded version of the official Rosetta Stone app with the help of which you can learn foreign languages like a professional right from your smartphone.

Mod features

Premium Unlocked – In the Rosetta Stone PRO Apk, you will get a premium unlocked feature that lets you access all the courses and other paid stuff for free.

Download Rosetta Stone MOD APK for Android 2022

Language plays a vital role in this world as it helps us communicate with each other. And if you can speak multiple languages, then you will have more opportunities in your life to become a successful person. But not everyone can speak different languages, and Rosetta Stone will be the best source for such individuals to learn different languages.

However, this app might be free to download from the play store. Still, to learn languages from this app, you need to purchase the premium subscription by paying real money, or you can get the premium subscription for free by downloading the Rosetta Stone MOD Apk from the download button mentioned above.

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