Whatsapp Gold APK Download Latest and Updated Version For Android

Whatsapp Gold APK: Whatsapp has been a part of our lives for a long time. All Internet users have this application on their smartphone, whether it is Android or iOS. Whatsapp is part of their lives. But some people want something beyond the standard version of the app.

Yes. They want exactly the modified version of the app, which is 100% secure and easy to use. The app can customize what the user wants in the app, set their own privacy, and much more.

Information about WhatsApp Gold MOD APK

Application nameWhatsapp Gold MOD APK
VersionMore recent
Size52 MB
Last update1 day ago
Worldwide downloads100+ million
Safe and secureYes
Requirements4.1 and later versions
Average Rating on Play Store4+
necessary rootNo
Characteristics of the modificationAbility to import wallpapers, themes, settings, and related privacy

Whatsapp Gold offers exactly the same. Not just WhatsApp gold, the other versions of the app also have some unique features and functions. Some of the other popular versions of the app are,

  1. Fouad Whatsapp
  2. GB Whatsapp Lite
  3. WhatsApp MOD APK
  4. NS Whatsapp APK
  5. Whatsapp Plus APK
  6. Whatsapp Gold APK 
  7. FM Whatsapp
  8. Yo Whatsapp
  9. Coocoo Whatsapp
  10. And the list goes on…

Gold WhatsApp plus apk gives you the power and freedom to customize features, themes, wallpapers, privacy features, message schedules, and much more. Keep reading this article because in this article you will get WhatsApp download golden link and many other cool things for absolutely free.

Whatsapp Gold VS Whatsapp Plus VS GB Whatsapp APK

The main difference between Whatsapp gold, WhatsApp plus, and GB WhatsApp apk is the available features and options. The three versions and editions of the app have many similarities and very few different points or features.

If you want to have more features than the standard version, then you should try any of the WhatsApp apk versions mentioned above because they all have some kind of similarities and uniqueness all at the same time.

But in today’s article, we will specifically discuss WhatsApp golden apk download and its uses, features, options, and all the information you need to know before downloading WhatsApp golden.

Features of Whatsapp Gold MOD APK 2022 Download

There are more than 50 unique features found in the whatsapp gold mod apk that are not available in the standard version of the app. Some of the most useful and demanded features and options are explained below.

  • Cool and new interface, icon and themes
  • Unique wallpapers, emojis and new GIFs
  • 100% safe to download
  • Pin multiple chats
  • Anti-Clear(Status+Messages)
  • Data sharing (image, video and other files)
  • Use with another version on the same device
  • Auto reply
  • Message scheduler
  • Longest state
  • Variety of different languages
  • Message reaction
  • Who saw your profile picture
  • Blue ticks, double ticks, hide them and many more
  • New themes, GIFs, wallpapers and other customization stuff can be imported
  • Summer features

Cool and new interface, icon and themes

Whatsapp golden apk comes with a brand new cool interface. It has a default gold theme that looks amazing at first glance and most of the users love that default theme. In addition to the default theme, there are more than 4,000 themes available in the app that are free to use.

You can also change the icon of the app itself. Just go to settings and change the icon. You can use the images available in the app as well as any personal images to further personalize the app.

Unique wallpapers, emojis and new GIFs

You will see tons of unique wallpapers in the golden whatsapp app and you can also change individual wallpaper which means you can set any specific wallpaper for any specific chat and this can be applied to multiple chats.

There are also multiple new emojis and GIFs waiting for you. You can use them completely free of charge and as time goes by, new emojis and GIFs are added to the app. You can also import them if you have any available on your device.

100% safe to download

Golden whatsapp plus apk is absolutely and 100% safe to download. The download link that you will get from here is completely bug free and you can download whatsapp golden apk in just one click.

There are many websites available besides apkengineer but they may not have the most secure version of the app. So the best would be to download it from here (apkengineer).

Pin multiple chats on Whatsapp Gold Mod APK

In the standard version of whatsapp, you can only pin 3 chats at a time and that may be too low for many users. But this is not the problem anymore because whatsapp gold has got you covered with a feature with the help of which you can pin more than 1000 chats at a time and this is exclusively available in golden whatsapp and whatsapp gold plus.

Anti-Clear (Status+Messages)

Sometimes you haven’t read the message yet and the sender deletes it on their end. There is no way to reread and view that message in the standard version of the app.

In whatsapp gold plus app, you can read and view those messages, images, videos, files, etc. The app has an anti-deletion feature with the help of which you can also view deleted messages and statuses.

Data sharing (image, video and other files)

Sharing the data through WhatsApp has many limitations, for example, you can share a small number of images, videos of limited size and specific types of files. But with gold whatsapp you don’t have to worry about any of them because it allows you to share hundreds of images at once, large videos up to 700 MB, multiple different file types and much more. So sharing the files with WhatsApp is no longer a problem. Download golden whatsapp today to get benefits.

Use with another version on the same device

You might be thinking that if you have to remove the old or other version of the app from your device to install the golden whatsapp. Don’t worry, you don’t have to delete or remove anything. You can download the golden whatsapp on your device as long as there is still another version there. You can have both together.

The app is developed in such a way that it does not create any bugs or issues with other existing versions of the app.

Auto Reply on Whatsapp Gold APK

Responding to your customer one by one through WhatsApp is an old school practice. Get modern with the help of whatsapp gold. The app allows its users to configure and script for an automatic response to their customers and their queries very nicely. There are several different options available in the autoresponder settings. Make sure to explore it too.

Message scheduler

Message scheduling is also feasible in Gold Whatsapp app download. You can schedule one message as well as multiple messages for multiple chats. The programming of the messages can be done until the next month. So there is a decent amount of time that messages can be scheduled. This feature alone is quite useful for many users.

Longest state

The status limit is increased in this app. In golden whatsapp gold apk plus you can write up to 250 status words. And comparatively, with the standard version of the app , you can only type around 50 words in your status. So the difference is huge and helpful for people who frequently add text statuses.

Variety of different languages

There is an option available in the app by which you can translate messages into other languages ​​that you want or even your local language as well. Sometimes you can’t understand the language of the text the other person sends you or some difficult word in English. And you want to know what exactly that means. In those scenarios, you can use this feature and it would also be very beneficial.

Message reaction in WhatsApp Gold

Message reaction can also be done in whatsapp golden apk plus download. This is the newest feature that was introduced in the standard version of the WhatsApp app but it was available in the Gold WhatsApp app for a long time. Golden whatsapp apk users are used to.

Who saw your profile picture

Normally, you can only see who viewed your status in the standard version as well as other alternative versions of WhatsApp. But in whatsapp gold mod app, you can see who viewed your profile picture just like you can see who viewed your status. This is the most unique feature found in this app and it is not available in any other version, not even the standard one.

Blue ticks, double ticks, hide them and many more

You already know that when someone reads your sent message, the marks turn blue. And when the message is sent, there is the single tick and when it is delivered, there are two ticks that come together in the corner of the message. Just as you can see others, others can also see yours.

So what if you don’t want them to see yours? The answer is to hide them. And that is possible with the help of whatsapp gold download app. In the app, there are options to hide the marks, turn off the color, change the color from blue to any other color on the sender’s side when reading the message, and many more useful things. Try it and you will love it.

New themes, GIFs, wallpapers and other customization stuff can be imported

In addition to all the above features, there are still many features that can be discussed, but they are all similar to the other feature versions that are already explained in other articles, you can also refer to them.

Finally, the most attractive feature is the ability to import. Import wallpapers, themes, GIFs and all other customization stuff in the app. You can use your own settings and choose to customize golden whatsapp gold apk latest version 2021-2022 download.

Summer features

In a nutshell, the features that are available in whatsapp golden apk are very unique compared to other features in the version and have their own amazing uses. That can only be found out by trying them out so be sure to try whatsapp golden apk.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whatsapp Gold MOD APK


Whatsapp golden apk download is no doubt a great edition and version for the users. It is a much needed app because many users ask for more and more features and whatsapp golden apk has got all that covered. So all the demands of the users are now met and completed by whatsapp gold mod apk only.

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